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1st Jazz Fest & 1st trip to NO

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  • 1st Jazz Fest & 1st trip to NO

    As a wedding anniversary present to each other, my wife and I are driving down to New Orleans for the Sunday show on the 2nd weekend.

    We are staying at the (I think) Best Western somewhere down there (have to go look at emails). Arriving Friday and leaving Monday morning.

    Having never been there, we want to make the most of our time there. Friday & Saturday will be spent site-seeing and drinking, of course!

    1. Once we arrive, is public transportation good? I would rather not have to drive around town

    2. What areas should we avoid?

    3. What time does the last act (Foo Fighters) play?

    I am sure I have more, but can't think of any more right now

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    There are a bunch of Best Westerns in NOLA. If you;re staying downtown or in the French Quarter, then public transit and taxis will meet your needs, and there's no need to drive. If you're in the other edges of the city, the west bank, or the suburbs, then you'll likely need to drive, or spend more on cabs.

    The Foo Fighters will play the (Main) Acura Stage, but on 2nd Sunday, the Neville Brothers always close that stage. The FFs will play the slot before that, probably from around 3:30 - 5:00. Exact times will be announced in late March. In any case, if you have just one day at the Fest, I'd urge you to arrive early (between 11 am and 1) and plan to stay the whole day (until 7-ish). There's just so much to see, to hear, and to eat, you'll want to experience as much of it as you can.
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      Best western Avalon on service rd, zip 70127 is the hotel. Are taxis expensive? If we were to take one in to a "central" location, where would be the best place to see the most stuff? Or catch local music?

      Ohhh, I didn't know the Fest ended so early. We are planning on getting there early.

      Food....we don't eat at chain restaurants when we travel, so how about tips on local fare that we can try?


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        Meter rate on taxis is $3.50 for the first 1/8 mile, 25 cents for each 1/8 mile after that. Your hotel is about 10 miles from downtown, so figure about $25 plus tip for that ride.

        Frenchmen St is probably the best concentration of music clubs, and it's just a few blocks from the French Quarter, so that's the area to focus on. But keep an eye on for post-fest music listings, you may find a show elsewhere that really interest you.

        Check my site linked below for lots more advice.
        Visit my Jazzfest advice site:


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          Welcome to the bored! Here's a thread about restaurants:
          and the food list from last year's jazzfest:

          The fest is from 11-7 each day so you'll be able to catch more music at night. When i shower and have a nice dinner out, it's less likely i make it out for night music. So i usually carryout food in ziplocs from the fairgrounds, shower and head out for more muscial fun.


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            You are going for just one day when you will be in town all weekend? You might want to consider weekend passes because it just runs in the daytime. I can't imagine being in New Orleans at Jazzfest time & only going because of 1 band. There is so much to hear & eat there that you will kick yourself for not going earlier.

            That being said......Have a Great time!


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              We had no idea that it ended so early, so we might go Saturday night too.

              It's just that this is our first trip to New Orleans, so I would like to see some things.


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                If you enjoy world class music, amazing cuisine (both high and low end) unique history and genuinely warm, friendly local people, you are certain to love New Orleans, no matter what specific things you decide to experience on your visit.

                That said, if live music is something you and your wife really love, you ought to hit Jazzfest at least two of the afternoons that you are in town; The price is right, the amount of musical talent performing each day is unmatched virtually anywhere else in the world, and the Fest wraps up in plenty of time for you to still go out in the evening and explore the city and her considerable charms.

                I hope you kids have a great time at Jazzfest, I know I will....

                Matthew (who also visited New Orleans for my very 1st time ever specifically to go hear a couple of my favorite bands play at Jazzfest, way back in 1997---I have been back for Fest each & every year since; Make of that what you will...)
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                  Go for the FFs but make sure you take in a show at each of the other venues as well! Your musical mind will thank you for it!

                  Eat all you can at the food booths. Your taste buds will thank you!

                  Oh yeah! sip a couple of local brews as well.

                  Enjoy! and be assured that this may be your first Jfest, but not your last.


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                    The article in this thread will give you some ideas too: