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  • Camera restrictions

    Is there any restriction on cameras with removable and telephoto lenses?

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    No restrictions unless you have a Grand Marshal VIP ticket. Detachable lenses are allowed into the fest and may be used anywhere except inside the GM area.
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      Thatís what I love about Jazzfest! No camera restrictions. Have fun! Last year I had a photo pit pass for the second weekend. My stage assignments were Jazz & Heritage Stage and Economy Hall with access to other stages as long as the artist didnít close off the photo pit. Some artists limited it open to the first three songs only. It was a great experience however I did not apply this year as it does limit you somewhat to be where you want, when you want.

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        With a footnote. In 2017 at Gentilly gate, I was denied entrance for having a camera in my bag. Not a video camera, a simple Nikon, no fancy big lenses. One of the people working the gate was on a megaphone and loudly annoucing "no cameras." Ridiculous. I tried explaining that iíve been going to JF for 20 years, that this is not the rule, the only prohibition is video and audio recording equipment (which is what the signs and pre-recorded announcements at the gates clearly state) but i was told "that's the rule this year." I was not the only one turned away. (I went to another line and made it through, but have not brought a camera to the fest since --for me, not worth the aggravation). Just as with airlines, if you get an irrational person at the gate, there is nothing you can do.


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            Zen, it is always helpful to carry bribe money, 10 or 20 will work. They tried that on me a ten worked fine


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              PatNChrisAZ ó

              interesting thought. Don't think it would have worked in this case, but who knows? It was a supervisor standing a few feet behind the inspection stations who was loudly proclaiming this over a megaphone. I couldnít physically get to him to talk (or slip money) and he seemed to have the people working the inspection tables cowering. And at the end of the day, I donít care all that much ó life is too short to argue with people abusing their petty authority, or to pay them off. IMHO.