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  • Jam sessions?

    Hey guys,

    (I posted this in a different category on the forum but this one seems more appropriate for the post)

    I am new to this forum. I joined because i am a musician (guitarist/composer) from the Northeast interested in checking out jazzfest this year, partly to see some great music but partly to scope out the local jam session scene.

    I have been to NOLA once in my life and didn't get to check out the night life much. Does anyone know anything about jam sessions where musicians can sign up and do some extensive jamming? My preferred style to improvise in is psychedelic funk/rock - u kno, pick a key, start slow, build, screaming climax and drop off, take turns soloing, that kind of thing.

    Any information, even anecdotal, is helpful. Thanks, Peace!


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    followup question: i'm all about seeing great music but if my purpose is mostly to mingle with other musicians and jam, would french quarter fest and voodoo fest be better?


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      Hey Robby, the best time to hit open mike's would not be during a large festival, as many of the clubs will be forgoing 'jam night' for an established act to feed the demands of the crowds in town. Also, due to Covid restrictions, most open mike night's have been temporarily suspended. This should change as things get better and open up.

      Let us know when you come to town and I'll come jam with ya !! Love to get weird and improv. Dead, Miles......