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Brass pass related question for the hive mind

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  • Brass pass related question for the hive mind

    I’m not a first timer by any means but I have a situation that is stumping me. I split the cost of 2 brass passes with someone going 1st weekend only, before we realized that they are leaving town before we arrive. We are staying in a condo type place with no front desk, they are staying at an Airbnb, and I have been racking my brain trying to figure out how to accomplish the hand off. Any thoughts out there? Much appreciated!!

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    I would see if they could drop it off at WWOZ and have them hold it for you.


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      1. Check with the owner of their AirBnB if they'd be willing to hold it for you.
      2. Depending when you're traveling, use overnight or two day service from UPS or Fedex, they could send it out Monday morning to your home.
      3. Fedex has an option where shipments can be redirected to and held at a Walgreens location for pickup. Lots of Walgreens around town here. Not sure if you need to send to a NOLA address, call Fedex for details.
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