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  • Tips for diabetics?

    This will be my 9th Jazzfest I'll be attending, but I'm also bringing my girlfriend with me. It will be her first time in NOLA, so I'm excited to show her around the fest and the city. She's a little anxious because she's a type 1 diabetic. Of course the lingering COVID risk is there, but honestly I think she's more worried about the humidity. I'm used to it (born and raised in Florida), but she very much isn't (born and raised in Wisconsin). She's decided to forego her normal insulin pump - it has a history of falling off due to sweat, so its too risky - and switch back to insulin pens for the week.

    Anyone on here have tips for her, on where the best place to do insulin would be? I told her the Grandstand, but I can't remember if they have tables in there or not. She mainly needs a place to give herself insulin before eating.

    Also, if there are any fellow diabetics on here, she wants to know any and all tips you might have for festing with T1D. I'm so excited to fest again, and I want to put her mind at ease as much as possible. Thanks in advance!

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    I've fested for years with a diabetic and it's been almost worry free. Biggest deal has been packing pens to be available for TSA inspection and not letting them get hot while traveling/festing. There was that one "oops!" moment when the wrong pen was used and an excessive amount of fast-acting insulin went in. Spending the night at the Tulane ER wasn't as bad as one would expect. Treatment was observation and multiple doses of pancakes and syrup. So much that I got an early-morning breakfast out of the deal too.


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      I would go to The Access Center outside the Grandstand. There isn't anything on the Fest Access website about these issues specifically, but they are so helpful, I have to think they'd be happy to assist. The Grandstand is the way to go- tables are upstairs (if things are open as usual) along with the full restrooms etc. Have a great jazz fest!


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        The medic tents may let you pop in for self-treatment.