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Hiring a band for a Nola wedding

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  • Hiring a band for a Nola wedding

    Looking for a few suggestions on how to find and hire a band for a NOLA wedding in November. A singer and dancing music are important.
    I have a feeling there are wonderful bands who know exactly what to do and would like the gig. Thank you for your ideas.
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    Good Luck. Congrats on following the suggested decorum and posting here. Most of us have become lazy and throw out anything and everything on the other thread. I myself am of no help but there are others that might be. I am also not a "Facebooker" but rumor has it that there is an active Jazzfest/Threadhead community over there. If you can figure it out there may be help there. Stay active here and if you continue to need assistance I will try and alert some of those that could be of help should they not notice your request on their own..


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      Nice idea 20-20. Thanks! I've posted same on the FB TH page.


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        The Tin Men might be a fun wedding gig - I'm sure Alex McMurray could put something together for you if that is your type of band.


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          Unless you're already awkwardly friendly with New Orleans musicians, and by that I mean socially close to where not asking them to play would be awkward, you'd probably be in good hands if you went straight to Gigmasters and looked into dance or wedding bands. You'll get pro's, maybe not the cachet of a hip original local band, but a group that will understand - how best to put this?... the typical non-threadhead-event "boundaries" between audience and service industry. They'll be there when contractually obligated, they'll know to cue the cake-cutting & first/father-daughter/mom/son dances, etc. And they'll know a boatload of regional NOLA hits + modern contemporary stuff. It's deplorable work for musical types, but it pays very handsomely. And I'll just say it first - as a former Gigmasters wedding band member, I'm not convinced that wedding planners are actually the same species as us.


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            After a fest set yesterday, Treme Brass Band was handing out "band for any occasion" flyers with contact phone numbers.
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