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    This band came up in the Beatles Sirius thread. I had never heard of this band, but with a name like Spooky Tooth I was intrigued. I found a podcast with their music and found them to be a good band. I even enjoyed their stuff from the late sixties. They do a good version of "For What It's Worth'. One of the members went on to be in Humble Pie. Now I would like to check them out. I've heard the name before, but have never sat down with their music. Another of Spooky's member went on to form Foreigner.

    The podcast I found is called 'Songs From The Basement'. It looks like a promising place to find other musical treasures.

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    Gary Wright who sang Dream Weaver was a member also.They were 2nd billed on a bunch of shows I went to as a kid.


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      Spooky Tooth's second album "Spooky Two" is incredible