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Sticky Fingers book about Jann Wenner and R.S. mag

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  • Sticky Fingers book about Jann Wenner and R.S. mag

    I am reading the book Sticky Fingers, about Jann Wenner and Rolling Stone magazine. Jann Wenner (pronounced Yan, not Jan - news to me) comes off as a huge dick, always taking credit, never taking blame, breaking promises and contracts, revising history, screwing people (figuratively and literally), flirting with disaster and always coming out of it smelling like a rose. Everyone had to kow tow to him because he could make or break a career. Annie Liebovitz does not shine at all, either.. But, maybe the writer had an axe to grind, or was just trying to sensationalize it for sales purposes. It is an interesting inside look at the music business (completely unscrupulous) and a recap of the times, both musical and political. Lots of stuff about Lennon and McCartney that I did not know. Dylan, and of course the Stones, also feature heavily. Kind of disgusting, but I keep on reading.