Hey y'all!

There's a new Little Queenie Album out - Purple Heart! As you may or may not know, she is in hospice at home in North Carolina. All proceeds go to help cover bills accumulated during 2+ years of cancer treatment etc.

It's a great collection of songs that she produced and features Jimmy Robinson, CC Adcock, George Rossi, Josh Paxton, Bonerama, Chris Severin and many other local musicians. It is AMAZING!

She is hanging in there with difficulty with the help of her husband Rick, and I know she appreciates all the support she's gotten over the years and especially lately.

You can find it at leighharris.bandcamp.com or via littlequeenie.com

There's also a Li'l Queenie and the Percolators album, House of Secrets, Polychrome Junction and some rare tracks never released.