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Why You should read Montaigne

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  • Why You should read Montaigne

    This is completely unrelated to all things music and jazzfest; just something I'm passionate about and felt like sharing. The Essays of Montaigne, Montaigne's only book, and one he reworked and revised over a 35 year period, might be the greatest text ever produced by a single human being.

    Here are some nice quotes about Montaigne from other writers who loved him:

    "Montaigne is the frankest and honestest of all writers" -Ralph Where's Waldo Emerson

    "This talking of oneself, following one's own vagaries, giving the whole map, weight, colour, and circumference of the soul in its confusion, its variety, its imperfection-this art belonged to one man only: to Montaigne." -Virginia Woolf

    "To restore lucidity and proportion to our judgment, let us read every evening a page of Montaigne" -Saint Beuve

    Montaigne is easy to sample. Many of his Essays are 3 or 4 pages long. I recommend trying a couple of them, and if you dig it, keep going. If you don't put it down and read something else

    Good to be alive!
    Adam in Denver