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    I am sure that most of you own four hundred (or more) titles, but still have trouble figuring out who to listen to at the moment. Sometimes it takes a reminder from an article or a friend to remind you of a CD you loved when it first came out to listen to again. You buy a title and listen to it for a few months or a few years and then forget about it. I hope I can be that friend that reminds of you that special CD/album that deserves a re-listen.

    From the trouble and turbulent mind of Ian Curtis that gave us Joy Division comes the compilation Permanent: Joy Division 1995. The movie 'Control', about Ian's life and suicide at 23, is also very good.

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    Jefferson Starship- Red Octopus Papa John Creach adds his fiddle playing playing to this great album. Wikipedia says that Papa also played with Fats Waller and Louis. The big hit from this album is 'Miracles'.


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      ​Wanted! The Outlaws - Waylon, Willie, Johnny, Jessie