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  • Originally posted by Meters Fan View Post
    Sad to report what Bay Area headz already know. Terrapin Crossroads, Phil's great restaurant and club, has closed due to lease problems and a greedy city.
    Damn. That's why you need to own your space. Phil could try a new location, but he is getting up there. Either way, it had a nice run.


    • Terrapin Crossroads was a destination place, not just to see Phil or various Grateful Dead offshoots, but for a variety of other fantastic musicians from that area and afar. You could see musicians perform outdoors on a Sunday afternoon, for free in the bar/dining area or in the Grate Room that held 300 people and had a superb Meyers Sound system.

      I wonder if the city of San Rafael (and SFO in general) ever did an economic impact study of TXR and the Grateful Dead. There were quite a few times that I’d fly up there, rent a car and stay 3 or 4 hotel nights just to catch some $50 - $90 shows at TXR, Sweetwater and other venues in SFO. Even without TXR; visit Marin County if you’re in the area. It’s really a beautiful place.


      • Cashing in on Captain Trips. Or "Stronger than dirt milking the legacy"

        Jonah Hill? Give him 500mics and see if he still wants the role. Or can remember his lines.

        Jerome is rolling in his grave. Its the absolute last thing he would have wanted. #JustStop

        Scorsese to direct Jerry Garcia biopic starring Jonah Hill (