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  • Check out my Fats Domino video I posted today under Jazz fest moments section.


    • I had never heard of Israel Nash but he got a 9 out of 10 review for his new album "Lifted" in Uncut magazine recently. He was included in the sampler CD so I checked out the cut, really liked it and bought the album and it is excellent. It's kinda like Buffalo Springfield Neil Young meets Pets Sounds Brian Wilson, a very lush production recorded at Israel's studio at this home in Dripping Springs, TX where he was free to overdub to his heart's content. This is a stripped down version of the lead track:

      And this is the review, with the references to much I like that piqued my interest:
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      • By eventual ukelele superstar, Emily Yates.

        Emily is the wife of Eric Yates, banjo and reed player for Hot Buttered Rum. He played one night with Railroad Earth last weekend. Always the conversation went "have you checked out Emily, his wife, she is the awesome?" Then we would talk her bio and music.
        For good reason. She's hilarious. And her viewpoint unique.
        Amazing woman. Iraq war veteran. PTSD. Arrested at Occupy rally in Philadelphia by park police (she wasn't even part of the protest) ended up with a federal conviction and all the special gifts that come with that. (Is America a great country or what?)

        She is a terrific singer, player and is the artist that does the song "Don't be a dick" among many others.
        Check out her stuff. The zombie video is at the top. Scroll through and you'll see what a righteous babe she is (thanks Ani DiFranco).


        • 4 week old thread...slipping....da blues...might need to buy me a ticket for Tips...??

          Joan Osborne (w/Anders Osborne and Robert Randolph) - Meet Me In The Morning - 12/1/18

          good luck buying a ticket...what a train wreck...ha...ha..
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          • It's the Rock'N'Roll overtomcat. Performed by the din butchers from Berlin. Enjoy! ; )


            • I came across this video today, on the French Soul Bag website. Aretha and her fantastic orchestra in a Cologne TV studio, 1968. Amazing.
              Don't be put off by the rather creepy t.v presenter.



              • this looks cool....

                John Prine | House Of Strombo


                that was awesome!!...first time for me to hear the last song...
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                • The latest from Gary Clark Jr.

                  (Lyrics NSFW).

                  Texas Monthly writes:
                  "Gary Clark Jr. is fed up. That’s the first takeaway from his new single, “This Land,” which dropped with a music video on Thursday morning. The song opens with the words “paranoid and pissed off” and only gets more incendiary from there, accompanied by stunning visuals—of Confederate flags, of black children haunting a plantation landscape, of Clark himself in spaces built to be hostile toward black Americans—and the sort of righteous rage that Clark exudes with his voice, his guitar, his face.

                  The second thing to take away from “This Land” is that Clark has something to say, and he’s fully in a position to say it. Clocking in at over six and a half minutes, “This Land” is perhaps the first truly great song of Clark’s career, a defiant, statement-piece anthem that fits alongside pieces like Childish Gambino’s “This is America” and Beyoncé’s “Formation” in its vocal addressing of racism in America."
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                  • Metallica performing an old German traditional called 'Skandal im Sperrbezirk', which means 'Scandal in the prostitution-free zone' and it's about hookers. Enjoy! ; )