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  • Originally posted by 20/20 View Post

    I just got around to watching (and listening). Pretty awesome video. Thanks.

    As an additional comment it would really be quite interesting to know something about the songs development and if the video's were an after thought by a producer or something that Schneider had in mind all along. Living through the Kennedy era and the rest of the early to mid-sixties the combination really brings out some memories and emotions.
    It is catchy as all get out. I have watched it numerous times.

    And I was wondering that, too. Bob is a highly skilled visual artist and I would suspect he was involved in the video production. I kinda think he was just riffing on the "Space Force" references. And "Lord Of The Flies" has pretty strong notions connected with it from the book which made me wonder how that fit. I guess Bob was punning that a space traveler flies, with no association to the book.

    The song sounds great in headphones. He is pretty adept in the studio and, given Covid, you wonder how much was actually recorded with other musicians or was it assembled in the studio by Bob with some help. He is a very clever guy. What is mystifying to me is how he has never gotten beyond his status in Austin where he is a major figure, with pretty much a cult following elsewhere.
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      • Somehow I never heard this cover of "Taxman" before until I heard a "Sample Sessions" feature on LL Cool J's "Rock the Bells" Sirius station about it last week. Apparently the bass line has been sampled in at least a half dozen well-known hip-hop songs.

        I ended up picking up his album Funny How Time Slips Away, which features this and two other Beatles covers, as well as several other originals and covers, in which he is backed by the Jimmy McGriff Orchestra. I've listened to it several times since; it is a great album!


        • Always like hearing this guy's voice; sounds like this could have been on August and Everything After: