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    Anyone heading down to NOLA around 9/25-10/1? I am thinking of going down for 9/25 -Trombone Shorty at Lafayette Square. chill for 2 days in town. Then up to Houma on 9/28 for Best of the Bayou.
    Would anyone be interested in renting a car/hotel up in Houma. Any recommendations on places to stay in Houma?
    Then back to NOLA for MNF to watch the Saints grill the fish.

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    Man, if I were in town, I'd just give you a ride to the best of the bayou, but you're beating me by a couple weeks. I'll roll in on 10-10. There might be some local THs going to houma for the day or weekend. Anyone?


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      Originally posted by ecdoesit
      Then back to NOLA for MNF to watch the Saints grill the fish.
      I'll be in that number ^^^ but I think Houma is out of the question for us but I did notice all the great bands playing. Very nice.


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        I plan to be at the Shorty in the square gig ( and don't forget about Shamarr Allen the next day at Armstrong Park ). I'll probably watch the Saints game at Fahey's on Burgundy in da Quarters. Hope to see you out and about.


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          I forgot about Shamarr. Good tip. I'll prolly spend some time at The Chart Room, as my buddy I'm staying with works there and his wife works at my other buds bar, Spirits. I'll msg you once I get down that way.