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How Did Bob Dylan Get So Weird?

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  • Great thread, albeit bittersweet to be reminded of Sissy and Benny.

    Very interesting to read that Dylan quote that included Trump now.

    Also very interesting that both Dylan and Norm McDonald were guests on Letterman's final show.


    • Ha:
      Originally posted by bennyboy View Post
      "I mean, who's the last individual performer that you can think of – Elton John, maybe? I'm talking about artists with the willpower not to conform to anybody's reality but their own. Patsy Cline and Billy Lee Riley. Plato and Socrates, Whitman and Emerson. Slim Harpo and Donald Trump. It's a lost art form. I don't know who else does it beside myself, to tell you the truth."


      • The brown acid.


        • Norm apparently didn't tell almost anyone about his 7 year long "Battle With Cancer" (he had a great bit about that specific term) but I just saw an interview with Vulture Magazine he gave back in 2018 that might have been a little bit of foreshadowing, in his own unique, signature way...
          Vulture Magazine: I can imagine laying on my deathbed and asking myself "Why did I waste so many meals on yogurt?"

          Norm MacDonald: You know, I actually find myself thinking about my deathbed a lot.

          Vulture Magazine: What do you think about it?

          Norm MacDonald: I think I should have never purchased a deathbed in the first place.


          • I don't think Dylan is any weirder than some Threadheads are, including those who wear round Royal Navy sailor hats. (and yes it is very sad about Norm McDonald).