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Goodbye Candlestick Park (Sir Paul, Bennyboy, 49ers, Giants content)

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  • Goodbye Candlestick Park (Sir Paul, Bennyboy, 49ers, Giants content)

    Can you miss a place as much as you miss a person? In my life first it was Playland at the Beach (THE IT STAND!) then Winterland and now the Stick. I hung out here.... a lot. Even more than Winterland or shoreline (Which I will never miss). I'll try to tell that story in a minute.....

    Here's the write up on sir Paul the other night. I couldn't go, the transportation costs to the city are now just too much to bear on top of a concert ticket.

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    I so wish I could go and sit in my Niner seats, section 23, row 13 seats 1-4 tonight for one more time. Not just Sir Paul, who put on one hell of a show last year at OL and I know I can get tix for nothing there.....but I've sat there since the move from Kezar. The first section past the old addition and the section that was damaged in the earthquake, the seats I was visiting at the time of the earthquake) I would probably go to pieces remembering all of the incredible stuff I've seen in that stadium. The losses to the Cowboys in the NFC champ games first at Kezar then at the stick...... the Staubach comeback..... the horrible teams, John Brodie, Dave Parks, Spurrier and George Mira. Steve DeBerg when we all had to be silent while on offense cuz he couldn't hear. Gene Washington and Ted Kwalick.

    Like it was yesterday I remember Joe Montana running down the field in the first Cowboys game in 81 (the week before the Rolling Stones shows at The Stick!) after completing a long touchdown to Dwight Clark. He was jumping as he ran. I knew then they had something going on. The Catch, while my brother was in the bathroom puking his guts, cuz he got so drunk at the tailgate (GATE F Tailgator for life!) was as if 60,000 people had rockets up their ass....... The party in SF that night raged so much we couldn't drive so i got out of the Sacramento bound RV and said "See ya leter" and headed downtown where people were actually "Dancing in the Streets"......All the games. good teams, bad teams, we went to the games. Monte Clark, George Seifert and all the clowns in between and after....(Last game was a Singletary team). Sat in Wendell Tyler's seat once ! (bought in the lot). Got moved to the fifty but moved right back to the top. We could see things open up from there. Not to mention that the people in section 23 were our 10 weeks of the year family. We all lived and died every weekend together.
    In the beginning Wayne Tarr (of Tarr and feathers bar fame)moved his beloved act to the stick from Kezar and was the cheerleader guy in our section... No official but guy was good...... he got the "BULLSHIT" cheer going on bad calls and had a series of signs that would get us all giving out certain cheers. Not sure when I stopped seeing him, but not since the 80's or so..

    For my family it was the one thing we did together. We went to games and tailgated. Big memories of the gate F crew, Jeff and Marie (Who got amnesia! Twice!) and Judy and Barry, and the colonel and the rich lady with all the diamonds. Miss that crew. We all hung out at the Super Bowl at Stanford too....makes me sad that I will never ever see any of those people, people who I saw in my life and had other interests in common, but now i'll never see them again. Shame, I enjoyed out time and enjoyed them.

    .My Mom would hobble up the steps and My dad would almost die going up the steps, but they made it, with their headphones, blankets and other niner necessities. We sat there for a long time, with the same people year after year after year. The Steves who sat in front of us. We watched their family grow up and they ours. Who were once grandkids now have grankids. Steve, the guy who sat a couple rows down who once brought a TV and then was forever known as TV......

    Sneaking in so many times I cannot begin to tell you. (the OJ story) Once being on the field next to Mike Ditka as he called his QB some of the worst things anyone could ever say to another human being. Used to pull all kinds of sneak in stunts, lost ticket scams, bribing TV camera guys, the old two for one scam......

    We used to take a friend, a Rams fan, and he would take the abuse all day long, all in fun. He would sacrifice a jersey or a hat or something to be burned in the aisle....but one Monday night Rams game in the mid 80s he got his ass kicked good and never came to another game. Violence is nothing new, I've seen entire sections fighting there before. And on many occasions. For Raider games the scene looked like a military zone with stuff on fire and rings of battle ready cops lining the lot. Lots of fights, people just going through the lot looking for fights. Ugly scene.

    I puffed a lot of weed on the ramp too. Even watched my car get broken into from the ramp. Just back from vacation in Hawaii, and I had a 79 Lincoln TC and some guys came up to it with a battery, one crawled under it and popped the trunk and took everything out and poof, gone. by the time I found a cop they could have been in Hawaii.. (Niner game). My Dad used to puff on the ramp but in later years he had to stay in his seat. he would puff a hit or two and then blame it on the hippies. So funny. of course everyone knew, but he had to play the game.

    Went to lots of Giants games too. We used to take the bus from Sacramento ($5.30 round trip) as kids (12ish) and go see games. Greyhound station to Balboa to the ballpark special... 90 cents to sit in the bleachers. Got there early and shagged balls during batting practice. My uncle Morrow had tickets, right behind the dugout and that was super special going with him and my cousin. The night game when our whole little league team went, all stuffed in a van and the whole game was filled with drunks and gangs of people marching the walkways. My parents banned night games for life for baseball after that. Richie Allen and his titanic homerun that left the entire stadium. To this day i remember watching the ball and then poof, gone.

    One time me and Miles and Skip decided to try to get Willie Mays' autograph and waited outside the players parking lot. Willie came out and was headed towards us when a blonde black woman (in 1965 quite startling) grabbed him and started a hug fight with him right in front of everyone. We were destroyed that our hero had those faults. We went back to Uncle Morrow's house (on Alemany Blvd) dejected and stayed the night. The next morning my uncle came in and woke us up and said let's go, and we hopped in his fiat sports car. Had no idea where we were going but the houses sure were nice. He walked us up to the door and told us to ring the bell. Willie Mays answered. I was floored and left speechless. To this day I don't remember if I said anything or anything, but I did get a signed ball, and all I remember is seeing Willie Standing there, my hero. Turns out he was my Uncle's client at his insurance agency and he told him of the event the day before. I miss my Uncle, in fact the last time I saw him was the night of the 1972 playoff game against Dallas. We went to Sammy Woos in Chinatown and he was there with a young Asian girl, not my aunt, and word got back via my asshole father and the family exploded. This came right on the heels of my Cousin Skip getting killed in Europe a year before....eventually my Uncle and Aunt reconciled but not with my asshole father.

    My son loves Nolan Ryan so we went when he was pitching and every time Will Clark took him deep. So funny.

    The Earthquake.

    I was so stoked World Series and I never thought I'd see the day. I was dating a girl that lived in the city and worked on the Embarcadero and made plans to see her after the game (Not a baseball fan) Drove down there in my tile truck, was a poor working stiff then, (as opposed to a poor hardly working and always stiff but not in the right places that I am now ) a single parent and just went by myself with my son at my parents.... No problem ticket, not a miracle but cheap tix, even then nobody wanted to go there for games, even the WS. My seats were under the press box and for luck or whatever, I went to visit my Niner seats and was sitting right there when it happened. A rolling thing. Amazing, but nobody freaked out, it was such an eearie sound, I remember it well, the way the crowd kind of ooooohed.... We all sat there and waited for instructions and the exit from the stadium was way more orderly than it ever was for Niner games. everyone tried to drive, I just stuck around and found an RV with a TV and watched with a horde of people finding out waht had happened. When I saw that the Embarcadero freeway had collapsed I was worried for Jamie and knew there was no way she could leave or I could get to her and then no cell phones. I was pretty worried though for her. I took the southern route, no bridges through San Jose and had no problem getting back to Sacramento.....


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      I figure I must been to Candlestick well over 200 times as there were many years I went to 20 Giants games a year, plus an occasional Niner game when I would run into a ticket or when the Stones came. A dump it was but it will be missed.
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        Live and Let Die Montage with highlights of the Stick...


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            Ahh Candlestick! I remember the cyclones of hot dog wrappers and other unmentionable trash swirling like tornados across the field. I remember night double headers in the summer when the temperatures were in the 40's and the wind was gusting 20-30mph. Most of all I remember a playoff series in the late 80's when I saw not one but two blow up sex dolls partially deflated but still cheerful and ready to go, fluttering around the outside concourse.

            Parking for McCartney's last gig, assuming you made it in before the concert ended, which many did not, was 40 smackers. So glad I don't do corporate rock!


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              Great memories, everybody.

              It's kind of cliche, but: It was a dump, but it was OUR dump.

              Had Giants season tix for many years (started in 1984 so we could get All-Star Game tix). Lower Reserved Sec 9, Row 4; then Upper Box, Sec 1 (right behind the plate). Lots of funny, amiable drunks nearby. They were even nicer when they stopped selling beer in the stands ~1987, and they didn't get as trashed and spill beers all over the place.

              GREAT fans -- Nobody came to the 'Stick to 'be seen' or because it was a cool place to be. Those fans were pretty hardcore.


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                Originally posted by Cleophus View Post
                GREAT fans -- Nobody came to the 'Stick to 'be seen' or because it was a cool place to be. Those fans were pretty hardcore.
                True dat, and you would still find out that your seatmate was following them before they moved out west. Lots of old timers still in the stands in those days.