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  • Originally posted by HankAndLeeStamper View Post
    John, Brian, Lisa, Sue (anyone else I'm missing) it's great to see folks join in to our weird little world. I started a thread a while back (probably on about page 5 by now) about all the wonderful work this group does via the Threadhead Cultural Foundation some of which is funded by our fantastic raffle
    The raffle is another "sticky" thread, so it's always at the top of the board.
    We had to put a "no scalping" sticky when so many people began to visit the board only in search of Rolling Stones tickets. It seems like yall are more in search of the jazzfest vibe itself, and it's a pleasure to see more folks coming around. Like some of you, I lurked here for a LONG while before I started posting, cause there's such great info, but I'm glad to have gotten more deeply involved. Long way of saying; welcome and check out our fundraising and charitable giving, along with our forum.
    I'm a fairly savvy ticket buyer. Used the automated line for Stones Jazzfest and scored no problem. Downloaded the Stones app right before their main onsale and got tipped to $29 Lucky Dip tix. So, I got a pair for $88 (fees included). They offered the same deal back on the 2015 tour. Scored a pair for both nights in Philly and sat in $600 seats the first night.

    Can't wait for Jazzfest and the entire Big Easy vibe. My liver is going to get a workout.


    • It has been a while, so I thought I would re-introduce us. My lovely wife Heidi and I have been married 33 years, and we live in Oakland, CA. No kids, a cat and two horses. I am a lawyer specializing in estate and trust litigation - yes, Family Feuds. She is a bookkeeper, equestrian, embroiderer, animal lover, and a whole lot of other great things. By my best guess, we have been to N.O. about 40 times since 1989, including 12 Jazz Fests, 4 FQF, 3 Mardi Gras, 1 New Years, and a whole bunch of "non-event" trips. Yeah, we love it. Our last JF was 2005. We stopped not because of Katrina, but because it had gotten so crowded. But, I still wanted to do another JF while I was still "young" (now 68), and mobile, so we were planning on this 50th anniversary year and then heard that the Rolling Stones were playing. A Stones concert in 1981 was one of our first dates, so, hell yeah. Our intro to JF in 1994 was because we were into Cajun and Zydeco dancing, and hooked up with a tour of Cajun country by Nancy Covey during the "daze between". We ran into some Pet de Kat Krewe people outside Liuzza's, and the rest is history (and prologue). This year, we found out that friends from L.A., Austin, and Virginia are also coming, so it will be a party for sure. Really looking forward to it. I read this "bored" regularly, but rarely post. I really enjoy all of the local knowledge. Laissez le bon temps rouler!


      • Welcome (back) Chazmo.
        Visit my Jazzfest advice site: