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Restaurant recommendations (2016+ edition)

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  • Originally posted by swag View Post
    You can cross Angeline off your list - it closed in June.

    But the chef there, Alex Harrell, is now at the Elysian Bar in the Marigny. I've heard good things but haven't tried it yet.
    Good to know, just updated my list. Thanks!


    • I just helped open Chef Sue Zemanick's Zasu in Mid City in the old Rue 127 building next to Revel (great cocktails)which may be the best food of anywhere that I've worked in the 40+ years I've been working in restaurants in NYC & NOLA. And none of the dishes are filling like a lot of the food here. Lots of local celebs already becoming regulars like Arthel Neville, Rob and Stanton from Galactic etc... Great for an after fest meal! Book early as it is already hard to get a table.

      She describes her food as seafood-centric, “Modern American cuisine that is clean and light yet rich in experience.”

      “We’re doing lobster, octopus, oysters,” she said. “There will be three fish on the menu and a fish special every day and lots of yummy vegetables.”


      • Johnny Walker Black costs $2 more than Laphroaig?!?! That's gotta be a type-o, right?


        • Originally posted by Lit View Post

          FWIW, Drago's uses margarine, not butter. Learning that kind of lessened my enthusiasm for them. Making charbroiled oysters at home is easy and tasty (I have a grill pan made especially for oysters for this purpose), but a lot of work for the shucker (i.e., me); and the thing that we can't come close to up here is the size of the oysters Drago's (and others down there) get out of the Gulf. I don't love eating those oysters raw for a couple reasons, but they are tough to beat on the grill. And from what I understand, Drago's has a better supply than anyone in the region.
          I don't eat oysters but I've gone with friends to Drago's and sopped up the butter parmesan stuff with bread. As we sat at the oyster bar one day, I saw a giant box that had liquid garlic butter flavored oil in it. The griller would take a big ladle and scoop up the oil and splash it all over the oysters. Again and again. Haven't sopped up any of that "butter oil" since. There have to be better options for all you oyster lovers.


          • Originally posted by groovy1967 View Post
            I visited Tory McPhail's new mid-priced casual fried chicken place, Picnic Provisions & Whiskey, but as much as I wanted to try the fried chicken, I was by myself and wanted to eat light. I opted for some really great and impressively spicy Heirloom Tomato Soup with fennel and basil oil.

            Then, for dessert, I had The "Pig Dip" Sandwich. It's comprised of thinly sliced Duroc hog shoulder, caramelized onions, melted pimento cheese, horseradish, and the pièce de résistance: liquefied hogs head cheese. It's basically a knife-and-fork sandwich, as you would have to defy the laws of physics to eat this thing with two hands. Nevertheless, it is a pork lover's dream, and I think it will eventually be recognized as a must-try item that resides in the upper strata of swine, alongside the Cochon de Lait po' boy.

            I definitely want to go back and try the fried chicken.

            OnJ and Renee and I went to Picnic for lunch in December. We got the fried chicken-very good- and the soup-delicious- and the cracklin fat fried potatoes-good. The hardest thing for me to accept was that they had no catsup on the premises. How can you serve fried potatoes and not have catsup?


            • That's a great list, small yak. I've been to about half of those spots and most were really good. I believe Groovy said he had one of his best meals at Maypop. Several places on there are my faves-Meril-especially good with 4 or more because you can share more small plates. I love that you can see into the kitchen. If it's someone's birthday, they make cotton candy and present it on a long board with a sparkler! Turkey and the Wolf-can't pass up the wedge salad when I go. Love Avery's and the kids who run it. There's parking in the back if you're driving. Pizza Domenica has half price pizza Monday - Friday from 3-5. Looking forward to return visits to Gabrielle, Fharmacy, and Marji's Grill. To add to your list: Corona and I loved The Vintage on Magazine. It's a coffee shop, beignet spot, bar and shoe shine parlor. Best beignet I've ever had. I'd also add Red's for some chinese food with a twist. It's a dive on St. Claude and its only signage is a red square sign. Another place where it's nice to go with a few folks so you can try things. My faves include crawfish rangoon, General's chicken (bone in and super crunchy) and veggie fried rice.


              • Anyone try the Longway Tavern on Toulouse? Esquire magazine recently listed it as one of the top new restaurants in the country. Trying to narrow down my dining options for Fest. From their website and reviews on Yelp, it looks like my kinda place.


                • Originally posted by steeleye View Post
                  Anyone try the Longway Tavern on Toulouse? Esquire magazine recently listed it as one of the top new restaurants in the country. Trying to narrow down my dining options for Fest. From their website and reviews on Yelp, it looks like my kinda place.
                  I"m excited to check it out, I love Sylvain(same owner) so expect it to live up to the hype