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Fyre Fest- a burn!

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  • Fyre Fest- a burn!

    Famous models on yachts! Exclusive island once owned by Pablo Escobar! Blink-182!

    "...when guests arrived on the island of Great Exuma for the inaugural weekend, they found something closer to “Survivor”: grounds that were woefully lacking in the promised amenities, replaced instead by dirt fields, soggy tents and folding chairs...

    ...expecting the deluxe “lodge” package for which they had paid $3,500: four king size beds and a chic living room lounge. Instead Ms. Kumar and her crew were directed to a tent encampment. Some tents had beds, but some were still unfurnished. Directed by a festival employee to “grab a tent,” attendees started running...


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    Thanks for the link, interesting article. I once booked a room in NO based on a nice picture online...the place was an utter dump. Still, reading about "aspiring A-listers" getting cheese sandwiches and soggy tents did make me chuckle a bit.


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      Founder of disastrous Fyre Festival arrested and charged with fraud

      Visit my Jazzfest advice site:


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        Trailer for the Fyre Fest doc on Netflix starting Jan 18:


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          This was a picture of the food at Fyre Fest. Not exactly up to the standard of the New Orleans Jazz Fest, or even what they promised they would have. I remember when I saw this picture I thought "usually when cheese and lettuce show up to a festival people are happy."


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            Originally posted by Brian Wood View Post
            "Hey, on the website it promised that there would be vegan options!"


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              Good point, always a silver lining