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  • Joan Osborne Sings Dylan

    Just saw Joan at Festy (an Infamous Stringdusters led small festival), standing next to Larry Balmur. We both agreed it was a marvelous show -- the kind that makes the hair on your neck stand up. The keys and guitar accompanying her were outrageously good, the phrasing and timing involved in making the songs her own were just phenomenal. CD was just released last month, and looks like she has gigs over the next month in NY/NJ, TX, and CA. CD is a definite purchase, but get out to see her if she is coming your way. Another highlight was Ani DeFranco the day before. I tapped Larry on the shoulder just as they were starting and said "Isn't that Ivan" looking at the keys player. Sure enough, and Terrence Higgins on drums. Great show. Best jamgrass of the event might have been Della Mae, an all female group. Those three sets topped my whole weekend -- nice to see female-led groups be well represented and steal the show.

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    This woman has been the queen of my musical world since I first encountered her some 20-odd years ago. I have to buy the "sings Dylan" record just to keep my streak of owning everything Joan has released in an almost stalkerish way (yes, i have the "xmas album" and the "early recordings," thanks for asking). The fact that the Dead later brought her on board, and that she killed the garcia/hunter tunes when they did, only served to reinforce her status as a goddess to me. Swag's cube rescue confirms I attended her only fest appearance ('96) and have been lobbying for her return since. Taking my family to see her double billed with Mavis was one of my few wise parenting decisions. She did a post-gig signing, and my daughter got a signed CD. Joan was all psyched up to have a teen girl for a fan, but she could see the stalkerish dad looming in the background I'm sure! Did I mention that i happen to REALLY dig Joan Osborne???


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      Everybody is doing Dylan. I travel to Raleigh,NC in a week to see Old Crow Medicine Show cover Blonde on Blonde.


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        Many years ago I saw her in Detroit with the Motown session players (with Maxi Priest and Bootsy Collins) and she was amzing! THE underrated lady singer.