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Reccommendations for Jazz Brunch?

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  • Reccommendations for Jazz Brunch?

    Planning a non Jazzfest trip to Nola and would love to know if anyone has a great jazz brunch they could recommend. And any adventures you'd suggest in the city when it's relatively quiet. Thanks.

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    Buffa's has one on Sundays.


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      Take the tram out to City park and check out the sculpture garden to the left of the museum it is very cool.

      If you like riding a pushie, there are a few options the Laffite Greenway is a cool way to get to City Park from basin Street, and it is easy again to get to the Lake Front with the good ride over the recently finished Wisener Bridge.

      A ride along the newish Crescent City Park down by the river is very cool, and there are a couple of spots to get different views of the quarter, from old wharves.

      Or you could put the pushie on the ferry over to Algiers Point and ride along the levee top to Gretna which has come along a lot since Holly Cross Luke moved there, and have lunch at the upstairs portion of the River Shack Gretna which is good fun `


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        I can't say for certain who might be playing, so it might not be jazz, but check Cafe Atchafalaya's availability and if they're having music: they are usually very good in both departments when it comes to brunch.\
        A non jazzfest trip means you can spend your weeknights, if any, at the numerous residencies that musicians are now working across town. Chickie wah wah has developed a pretty impressive set of weeknight shows.


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          Café Atchafalaya. Our own Tchoupitoulas and the Palace of Sin play most Sundays, I do believe.


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            My father took me to new Orleans on a business trip in '75 and we went to a jazz brunch at Commanders Palace when I was 18.I remember a very ancient trumpet man who could play so softly he stuck the bell right into my ear and it was the sweetest sound I'd ever heard. . Joe Simon trio it says now. I'd think if you want old school, don't get much more.


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              I agree on Commander's. At brunch the food is still fantastic (I think dinner has fallen off) and the combination of jazz and a table in the garden room is really awesome.
              Ask for the garden room in advance though, much nicer vibe.
              on Sundays when the Saints are away, Little Gem had been doing blues brunch with Little Freddie King, but after Freddie's injuries this past month I'm not sure how they're going to handle it. worth checking into, but i think the food is better at Commander's or Atchafalaya (but then, the price tag will also reflect that, so you make your best decision for you.....)