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Looking for room and/or roommate First Thurs-Wed

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  • Looking for room and/or roommate First Thurs-Wed

    I've got my plane tickets and my Brass Pass (and someone to split it with), but I still need a room and/or a roommate. I'll be in NOLA first weekend Thurs-Wed (6 nights). Anybody looking to share a room, or knows of a good cheap room? I spend most of my time on Frenchmen at night, so within walking distance of that would be ideal for me. I have a CPAP machine to prevent my snoring, if necessary. Please contact me by email (jayfest at comcast dot net) if you (or someone you know) is interested in working something out. Thanks.

    UPDATE: Well, POS Spirit Airlines cancelled my early Thursday flight and was going to get me into town 6 hours later, so I've switched to the day before. So now I'm Wed-Wed first weekend.
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