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  • Jazz Fest Express bus service

    If I'm staying at the Sheraton, one of the places where this bus service originates from, will this be my best choice for getting to and from the fest? $22 round trip sounds hard to beat. I usually drive but this year my son is driving his brand new car and I'd rather him leave it in the parking garage at the Sheraton.

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    The other option to consider is the RTA city bus. $1.25 each way beats $22.

    Heading to fest, catch the bus in the Canal St neutral ground (median) right in front of the hotel. It drops off at Esplanade & Lopez St, about a 4 block walk to the fest gates. You may wait a bit longer than with the Express bus, but not by much, usually.

    Pro tip - don't take the streetcar also heading to fest, wait for the bus, it's faster and gets you about 5 blocks closer.
    Pro tip 2 - if you don't see the bus coming, walk towards the river; there are stops every block there, and the earlier you board, the better your chance of getting on and/or getting a seat.
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      We always use J & B Transportation whether we are in NOLA for JF or just to spend a long weekend. While in NOLA we use him for airport service, taking our group to dinner, lunch, jazz fest, etc. We've been using James for the last 9 years and I have several family member that have used him for years prior to that. James (owner) is outstanding and so are his drivers. Pending your locations, the cost is reasonable and the service is personable. We normally stay in the CBD and the cost to the fest was $10 p/p each way. Leaving JF, he'll provide a location for you to meet him, typically we've met him on Gentilly & Rosiere near the pink house, up the block from the Gentilly entrance.

      Here is phone and website info. Feel free to mention "Brian from Chicago"

      Ph: 504-453-4592


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        As mentioned there are cheaper options than the shuttle. I've used it before, usually when I"m planning on staying for the headliner and need to get back to my hotel quickly. The real value is when leaving the festival. Its super quick and convenient. so if that's what you are looking for and don't mind paying $22 a person then it should serve you well


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          Thank you everyone so much for the great information!