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Sharmar Allen, worth staying up late to see live?

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  • Sharmar Allen, worth staying up late to see live?

    Just looking for some feedback on those who have seen him lately. He's playing locally tomorrow night but doesn't start until 11pm. In New Orleans, not a problem, in my real life I've been asleep for an hour. I like him but the last few times I saw him it seemed to be more dancing than blowing, like Big Sam, (so sorry if I'm offending fans of theirs, just my opinion).
    Is it worth it to go? It's a small club which is great, but just wondering what people think.....

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    I always enjoy Shamarr. The question bad do YOU need a fix of homegrown New Orleans music ?? I would go.


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      Always love us some Shamarr- always entertains! We caught 2 of his NY area shows and loved them both- if you haven't decided, it's almost 11 (at least here..) so go and have some fun!