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  • 2020 Jazzfest Hotels

    Just booked Renaissance Arts Wed - Sun First Weekend for $78 per night on Express Deals on Priceline. $405 inclusive of taxes and fees for 4 nights.

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    merci beaucoup... grazie mille...

    w/ the 50-60 buckaroo 4 star gone,.. the arts is "inn"...

    a mighty fine pillow palace... the comped bottles of h20 & zapp's chips,.. sweet...

    have much enjoyed 5 of the past 8 years of fest there... 6 of 9 now... more than a few other events too...

    had hopes to extend into the 2nd weekend by way of the extra daze trick,.. but that was a no go for today... will try another time....
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      I got the same deal last night (saved a dollar a night by bidding and the fees are $15 less. ) Then, after looking at flights (Allegiant $117 RT (!) plus bag fees out of Indy Sun to Sun AM flights) I added the prior 3 nights for $72 again at the Renaissance via Express Deals. This lets me do the last day of FQF and time for a day trip or 2 in the Predaze. It was much more expensive to do this as a one week bid. The Wed to Sunday is $92 this morning and is now gone for second weekend. Probably the Swag ("our hero") alert is to blame. Marriott will open some more of these deals if it's like previous years.


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        Southwest will be opening up April flights at end of Sept