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Ferry News That Ain't So Good

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  • Ferry News That Ain't So Good

    I posted this earlier today on Zuckerberg's Bulletin Board Threadhead Page, and I don't know how many THs visit this old relic of a Bored anymore, but just in case: Threadheads attending CCBQ or any who are planning to be in NOLA in the next four to six weeks, sorry to inform you that the Canal Street/Algiers ferry won't be in service. If you visit us in Algiers Point, and we over here hope you will, other forms of transportation will have to be used. A bus is running from either Harrah's or in front of the ferry landing (nobody seems to know which), but that ain't the same, is it? Businesses, including our beloved Rosetree Glass Studio, The Old Point, The Crown and Anchor, Tavolinos Pizza and others, are going to be hurt by this. Visit us if you can. Hope to see some of you at CCBQ. Rosetree made the point that if a group of you carpool, the price of an Uber or Lyft wouldn't be much different considering the 2 buck ferry fee. If you can during your next NOLA stay, get to The Point!

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    I read about this in the Advocate the other day.

    Bloody hopeless state of affairs new boats never getting approval, very old currently used ones breaking down on a regular basis.
    No back up plan in place for when old ones are not available.
    And so it goes.
    Fell sorry for the people and businesses that are affected by this


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      What a mess! Not fair to the people that live there and the businesses in Algiers. This problem has been brewing for a while now and now it's blown up. Sad but typical of this city.