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Happy Birthday Momma Gards 92 Years young today and Smokin Joe 78 Years young.

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  • Happy Birthday Momma Gards 92 Years young today and Smokin Joe 78 Years young.

    Happy 92nd Birthday to my beloved Mum who is 92 years Young today.

    And I can assure you all that she will never give up the good fight.

    Momma Gards who has won humanitarian awards over the years, due to what she has achieved with her community work and also overcoming adversity to become a Teacher later in life, has become very photo friendly in the last couple of months at the aged care place she resides in as the staff have loved getting their Pic taken with her when she has been wearing her Dump Trump T Shirt.

    If it was easier to do so I would post a photo of Mum proudly wearing her anti Fascist Garb .

    Mum is exceptionally happy and proud to share a Birthday with Smokin Joe Biden who is 78 Years Young today.

    She said that she fervently hopes that Smokin Joe will not be deliberately divisive like Fraudulent 45, and that she is confident that he will understand what Empathy is.

    And of course she wishes every one all the best, and hopes that we can have a better World in years ahead once the pain has passed.

    Aint that the Truth.

    Mum would like to Give Every One A Kiss to Build A Dream On.

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    Happy B Ma G and Joe B !! May your wisdom flow like a hair dyed sweat bead down Giuliani's cheek !!


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      HBD MG and SJB!


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        Happy Birthday to Mama Gards and the other guy. That's a proud old woman. Live long and prosper.
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          Happy Birthday, Mama G! We're still working on that boy of yours. Joe should be having a good one.


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            Happy birthday, Moamma Gards.