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    In Germany you write Cocaine with a K so C is the Crystal.


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      Originally posted by Murphy View Post

      I remember back in my bad days, a guy from Cologne was sitting with us and did coke the whole evening. He told us from the high society there and praised the proximity to the Netherlands and how high the quality there were. Around 1 A.M. he run out of stuff and he became angry and nervous, a bit whiny. We gave him one single bar from our material, directly from the Czech Republic. It was no cocaine, but he never tried the C before. He didnt't stop for three fucking days to tell us, that this was the best he ever tried. He wanted to buy a whole fucking kilo in the end. The thick gave him nothing more, only this one single dash and he didn't fucking stop to speak for three whole fucking days. We others did about 6 to 8 lanes only this evening and slept the next night. Crazy motherfucker never met potent products before.
      I personally never ever did coke. I'm more the Pepsi guy. I would be dead within 14 days. Tried everything else, got stuck on the C, left it finally behind. I mean you get older, not imperative wise, but maybe tired of the party. Or you die. It's that easy.
      Fun story. Nice post. I was curious about "C" also. As I said earlier there was a good deal of fun to be had but one was well served by being a bit cautious. Always.


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        I did a bit. Coke is a pig drug. Glad I could take it or leave it and glad I left it. I put in the category of quaaludes (other end of the spectrum, I know) as something you're better off without.


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          Originally posted by Marignygregg View Post

          You should check out the Zydeadpunks !!
          The Zydepunks were fun - it was a bit jarring to meet & play with Christian (Juan) here in our town... him probably hoping I was the local Louis Michot, and me hoping he was willing to bring a rockin' cajun/zydeco band up from raw materials. One and done session and I never heard from him again. I have no idea how he endured the interval while his then-wife was doing graduate work at UC Davis.


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            The coke I was around in college was "stepped on" and not worth the time. Always agreed with Hunter Thompson's assessment that cocaine was a "drug for fruits". His Wild Turkey was always a better choice. However, a few years back an old college friend turned me on to some coke that was the "real deal". So, like Roseanne Rosanna Danna used to say " you just never know"........


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              Originally posted by 20/20 View Post

              Fun story. Nice post. I was curious about "C" also. As I said earlier there was a good deal of fun to be had but one was well served by being a bit cautious. Always.
              Being cautios is surely a good advice. About the fun i am not so sure. My advice would be: Don't take yourself too seriously. What i heared about John Belushi's death was, that he was found dead naked on a hotel bed. That's the way you die as a junkie. You inject the drug and you get an orgasm. That's the long story short. Only when you realize that your yearning for feeling better and even better is just the same joke as you are, the white dragon dissolves in air.
              Coke as H as C tricks you into believing there is always something that is even better. And when you got the best stuff you increase the amount and sometime your body can't take it any longer and drops. But it doesn't get any better. Life's a piece of shit, when you look at it. The secret is to not take yourself and your desire too seriously. When you think you can't stand it anymore, just laugh at yourself, it's because you still think you can reach what nobody does, you're a fool, worth to be laughed at.
              Maybe that's the only way to handle it. Maybe it's one way.

              What a tragedy that a gifted comedian like John Belushi didn't get that joke.


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                Cocaine makes you want one thing: more of it.

                The end.


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                  This sounds a bit strictly. Maybe I said something wrong, something offensive? With 'handle it' I didn't mean 'handle the drug in any way'. That's IMO impossible. I meant to handle an addiction. How to end it, how to avoid it or how to let go, when you're already in it. Is that better? Was that the point?

                  Or was it beacause I compared John Belushi to a junkie? Sorry, that maybe seemed a bit respectless, I didn't think it through. I didn't see junkie as an offense, they're humans like everybody else who is stronger or hides his weakness in a better way. Or with the poetic words of Neil Young: 'Every Junkie's like a setting sun'.


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                    Originally posted by Kemp View Post

                    I like punk, the grateful dead and zydeco, but I'm weird.
                    I forgot to say I also like squirrels. Fleas not so much.