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    Anyone surprised by what happened yesterday has been asleep for the last 4 years.


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      Originally posted by revjimk View Post

      He can dish it out but can't take it...


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        Originally posted by MormonMatthew View Post

        I notice that for some reason good ol' 20-20 has been off of the board for the last little while...?
        Hey Now Mathew

        I would be interested to hear your thoughts on the issue that you are more or less asking 20-20 to comment on.

        RE Trump himself, his supporters behavior and what he has done and has not done.

        I recollect that a while back you were asked several times times by a friend of ours here on this bored how the Polish Presidential election was going and you did not respond at all.

        Why was that?

        Trump broke long standing unspoken rules by hosting his right wing mate Duda at the White House several days prior to the Polish Election and they share many ridiculous view points and so it goes.

        Before you ask.
        The house across the road from our family home has been owned by a Polish family for decades the sadly deceased Grand Father who was good friends with my parents fled Poland to Australia to get away from repression back in the day. He was an engineering Professor and contributed greatly to Melbourne and beyond. 2 of his kids were born here and became a Dentist and and Architect and both went back to Poland at their Fathers request in the Lech W days and beyond to help educate and assist the best they could and have gone back many times since to donate time and money in memory of their father.
        I actually reached out to to the family for some information about Poland when you told me that you had moved there, and they told me good stories, but for several years they have not been happy. And they keep me updated every once in a while.
        I spoke to one of their kids yesterday and he said that his mother the dentist had been recently back in Poland doing more charity stuff and that she said that Duda was forever bringing out policies that were inspired by Trump and that he used his friendship with Trump as a marketing tool to impress some of the populace but she believed that his right wing populism approach may now struggle a bit seeing that his mentor Trump is nearly gone and is well and truly disgraced.

        I know that Duda did not win by much last time. Do you think that he would behave like Trump is he gets defeated next time around?


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          Originally posted by Gards View Post

          Soitenly welcome