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Revisiting JazzFest 1991

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  • Revisiting JazzFest 1991

    So 1991 was my fourth year at Fest, but the first year I brought my great friend Mark with me for his first Fest. (I have not missed one since; I think Mark has missed one.)
    Mark recently found the airline boarding passes and cocktail napkins on which we ranked our favorite aspects of our trip.

    Top 10 musical acts:

    1. Terrance Simien (not sure if this was his Fest performance or his riverboat performance, although it may reflect both)
    2. Neville Brothers at TIp's
    3. Robert Cray
    4. Buckwheat Zydeco at Fest
    5. Boozoo Chavis / Buckwheat Zydeco at TIp's
    6. Kennedy High School Gospel Choir
    7. Frogman Henry
    8. B.B. King
    9. Los Lobos
    10. A duo that played at the Florabama Lounge in Pensacola (I think we flew in and out of Pensacola that year)

    Top 10 places we visited:

    1. The Bois des Chenes B&B in Lafayette (now called the Maison Mouton)
    2. The Florabama Lounge
    3. Annie Miller's Swamp Boat Tour and the Bayou Delight restaurant in Houma
    4. McGee's Landing in Henderson (on the Atchafalaya Swamp)
    5. The Tabasco Factory and Jungle Gardens on Avery Island
    6. Driving over the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway and eating at Sal & Judy's in Lacombe
    7. Parking at St. Leo the Great School and getting bbq from Mr. Delicious after Fest
    8. Touring the plantations on the River Road between Baton Rouge and New Orleans
    9. Spending a night hanging out at LSU bars
    10. Seeing Terrance Simien perform on the Creole Queen and meeting his wife Cynthia (with whom we have been friends for 30 years now)

    Top food we ate:

    1. Fest Food:
    A. Creole's Stuffed Bread
    B. Seafood Au Gratin Combo
    C. Soft shell crab po'boy
    D. Cracklins
    E. Crawfish Monica
    F. Jambalaya
    G. Zack's???
    2. Sal & Judy's in Lacombe
    3. McGee's Landing in Henderson (they used to serve a full menu, including crawfish, but no longer do)
    4. Liuzza's (on Bienville)
    5. Mr. Delicious (a hole-in-the-wall bbq place that used to be on Gentilly Blvd outside the Fairground gates)
    6. Breakfast at the Bois des Chenes B&B in Lafayette
    7. Bayou Delight in Houma
    8. Rick's Pancake Cottage
    9. Randal's
    10A. Cooter Brown's
    10B. Oysters at the Florabama Lounge in Pensacola

    Top t-shirts acquired that week (pretty sure I still have them all):

    1. Fest t-shirt
    2. Tip's
    3. Neville Brothers
    4. Tabasco
    5. Florabama Lounge
    6. Another Fest t-shirt
    7. A Looney Tunes t-shirt that my friend Michael brought for me

    Ranking our 10 days in New Orleans:

    1. 2nd Saturday
    2. 1st Monday
    3. Tuesday
    4. Wednesday
    5. 1st Sunday
    6. 1st Saturday
    7. 2nd Friday
    8. 2nd Sunday
    9. 1st Friday
    10. Thursday

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      I notice that while 30 years later, many of the performers have passed on, all of the Jazzfest food picks are still served today. Could "Zack's" be the crawfish "sacks"?
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        I love this!
        I keep little notebooks of my travel itineraries and always update them to reflect what plans actually went down. Reading some of the entries made me especially happy last year when there was no fest.