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    In the constellation of quirky, wonderfully weird New Orleans bars, Saturn Bar held an orbit all its own.

    A product of different times, many talents, age and weather, clutter, chaos and a gruff but undeniably compelling presence, it was a bar that could not just happen anywhere.

    So, when its family owners last year decided to leave the bar business and put the property up for sale, there was palpable despair that it meant the end of another beloved New Orleans original.

    Now though, the bar has new owners who are out to bring Saturn Bar back as close as possible to the way it was.

    The two 30-somethings are a married couple who have some hospitality industry experience from their younger years. But mostly what prompted their effort to buy and now bring back Saturn Bar was their experience within its walls, and their dread that it could disappear.

    “You just walk in and it’s the art, the neighborhood, the people,” said Lane. “Our only intention is to keep it as the Saturn Bar.”

    Lane and Yiannopoulos said bringing back music is an important part of their plan here.

    “Especially now, coming out of the pandemic, our local musicians need places to play, people need places to see them, we need places like this,” Lane said.

    The new owners hope to reopen the bar in time for Saints season.
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    That's good news.


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      Yup. 1.8 million was a little too much for me. Also, Mimi's reopening as Anna's.