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Pres Hall in S.F. last night

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  • Pres Hall in S.F. last night

    Saw the early show (7 pm) at S.F. Jazz Center last night. First, a shout out to the venue. Great sight lines no matter where you sit. Decent sound. Comfortable seats. For some reason they had extended the stage, and there was as much floor space for dancing, but that's OK. The wife has been having some minor hip and back issues, so we were happy grooving in or around our seats.

    The band was great, as usual. A little different lineup, and much different set than last time we saw them here in 2019.

    The usual Ben Jaffe on bass, Walter Harris on drums, Ronell Johnson on trombone, Clint Maedgen on sax, and Branden Lewis on trumpet. No Charlie Gabriel on reeds this time, Ben said he was still playing a couple of nights a week at Pres Hall in N.O., but no longer touring. Rickie Monie on a Steinway grand piano this time. No other keyboards.

    All of the musicians are outstanding. Johnson can clown around a bit too much for my taste, using the 'bone like a machine gun, etc., but no major complaint there. I thought Harris and Lewis were brilliant last night.

    No Latin music this time. A good mix of N.O. standards , and for me the best part was some extended instrumentals in the middle of the set that let the sax and trumpet really stretch out.

    A great time was had by all.