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JAZZ FEST @ NIGHT 2022 / The Grids!

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  • Rebirth
    Howlin Wolf
    Apr 29


    • Nonc Nu added to Rock n Bowl

      Upcoming live music schedule for Rock'n'Bowl New Orleans. Purchase tickets here.


      • Saturn Bar April schedule


        • Bakey’s Brew
          Santos Bar


          • Originally posted by Wombat
            Hmmm. Anyone have intel on the benefit on the 19th?


            • Does anyone know what time Thread Head Thursday with Keith Burnstein and Corey Henry’s Treme Funktet starts at City Park Botanical Gardens?


              • Gate opens at 6. Keith Burnstein is at 7 followed by the Funktet.


                • From the Portside Lounge:

                  Jazz Fest 2022 Shows at Portside Lounge

                  Tuesday April 26th Russell Batiste and The Krewe 6pm Free
                  Wednesday April 27th Mike Dillon, James Singleton, and Brian Haas 8pm $15
                  Thursday April 28th Hallelujah Hatrack 6pm Free
                  Friday April 29th Bear In The Sky 9pm Free
                  Saturday April 30th Helen Gillet and Jessica Lurie 8pm $15 Mike Dillon, James Singleton, and Brian Haas 10:30pm $20
                  Monday May 2nd Rik Slaves Dark Lounge Ministries 8pm Free
                  Tuesday May 3rd Russell Batiste and The Krewe 6pm Free
                  Friday May 6th Full Tilt Records Presents Full Tilt Friday with The Rakers and Whip Appeal 9pm $10
                  Sunday May 7th Shari Frank Presents The 11th Annual Crawfish Fest with Circus Mind (Free Crawfish) 7pm $65
                  Sunday May 8th Mike Dillon, James Singleton, and Brian Haas 10:30pm $20
                  Monday May 9th Rik Slaves Dark Lounge Ministries 8pm Free
                  Tuesday May 10th Russell Batiste and The Krewe 6pm Free
                  Here is my list so far.. I thank y'all from the bottom of my heart for including us in this.. let me know if you have any questions and have a great weekend...

                  Danny Nick
                  Portside Lounge
                  3000 Dryades St.
                  New Orleans, LA 70115
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                  • I have lost the gridder's email info but here's the le bon temps fest info, it was emailed to me:

                    4/28 - 11pm - The Soul Rebels

                    4/29 - 11pm - Dave Jordan

                    - 1:30am - The Get Together

                    4/30 - 11pm-1am - Lee Yankie & The Secret Stash

                    - 1:30am - 4am - Very Cherry

                    5/1 - 8pm - Dr. Lo Faber

                    5/2 - 10pm - Bo Dollis Jr & The Wild Magnolias

                    5/3 - 10pm - MONSTERS ft. Brad Walker, Kevin Scott, Andriu Yanovski, & Alfred Jordan

                    5/4 - 10pm - Kevin Scott, Isaac Eady, Rob Kellner, Joe Pizzolato, & Steve Kelly

                    5/5 - 11pm - The Soul Rebels

                    5/6 - 11pm-1am - Satchel Paige

                    1:30am - 4am - The Quickening

                    5/7 - 11pm-1am - Smoker’s World

                    - 1:30am - 4am - TBD

                    5/8 - 8pm - Dr. Lo Faber


                    • Thanks for posting those Portside and LBR schedules. Each are of interest to me- I like Portside for their boat drinks and LBR is walking distance from my fest home.


                      • Originally posted by fichadelphia
                        Thanks for postingLBR is walking distance from my fest home.
                        The city Detention and Detox Center?


                        • Toulouse Theatre presents Joe Marcinek's Dead Funk Summit LIVE in concert on Tuesday, May 2, 2022.
                          10:30 pm

                          Joe Marcinek's Dead Funk Summit, featuring
                          Melvin Seals (Jerry Garcia Band)
                          George Porter Jr (The Meters)
                          Tony Hall (Dumpstaphunk)
                          John Papa Gros (Papa Grows Funk)
                          Deven Trusclair (Dumpstaphunk)
                          Michael Lemmler (George Porter Jr. & Runnin' Pardners)
                          Terrence Houston (George Porter Jr. & Runnin' Pardners)
                          Alex Wasily (Dumpstaphunk)
                          Ashlin Parker (Dumpstaphunk)
                          Joe Marcinek (Joe Marcinek Band)


                          • Originally posted by AFew2Many

                            I am still wondering if anyone is going to replace Gov't Mule there on April 29? It is a bigger question than who is going to replace the Foo fighters at the Fairgrounds.
                            This show was changed fro postponed to now cancelled


                            • Has anyone heard whether Egg Yolk is planning a JF night show somewhere?


                              • Playing for Change
                                Fri, May 6 @ 8:00pm
                                Zony Mash Beer Project

                                Debauche - A Fundraiser for the people of Ukraine
                                Fri, May 6 @ 9:00pm
                                Carnaval Lounge

                                Green Gasoline
                                Fri, May 6 @ 8:00pm
                                Midnight Revival