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We lost our house and are stuck with 4 Brass Passes

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  • We lost our house and are stuck with 4 Brass Passes

    My wife and I, and another couple, had planned on going both weekends. Airbnb cancelled the house (no need to tell the story here) that we had originally booked in May 2019. We got Brass Passes at the same time and had been rolling them forward to use this year. We contacted WWOZ and they can't defer them to 2023.

    We are going to try to appeal, but that's a long shot at best. It's pretty likely that we will have 4 passes for sale very soon.

    I have questions about selling them and I knew we could get good information here on the bored. My biggest question is, how do we get them into a buyer's hands if we were planning to pick them up at the Fairgrounds? Or, how do we make arrangements for the buyer to pick them up?

    Thanks for any information, and please reply if you are interested, so we can figure out how to make contact.

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    Hey now!. Sorry to to hear about your house cancellation. Heartbreaking. We are local and can try to find out the info you're looking for. The best way is contacting OZ to get their procedure for transfer of the passes to whoever attends in your place. We are local and actually looking for two Brass Passes, if you might be willing to sell them. Either way, I'll see what I can find out and get back to you. (I have seen in other discussions that folks get a copy of your receipt and photocopy of your ID and pick them up in advance at OZ pick up location, prior to the fest...)

    Joey and Ryan
    (five won oh) 205-4777


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      Found the answer on OZ's site:

      "Can't Pick Up Your Brass Pass Yourself?

      You can authorize someone else to pick up your Pass by giving them the two following pieces of documentation:

      1. Signed letter from you authorizing them to pick up your Pass, and
      2. Photocopy of your driver's license or other government-issued I.D."


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        Thanks for the information. Let me get my ducks in a row with OZ and I will get back to you.


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          I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your airbnb house. I am interested in 1 2nd weekend brass pass, once you get it all straightened out with WWOZ. Thanks!!


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            Sorry about your Fest plans. I’ve often had a third party collect our passes with an email authority. No drama. Now that they’re fully transferable, once they’re in someone’s hands they should be good to go.


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              Take a look through the threads here. Several people are looking for Brass Passes and OZ is sold out, so I'm sure that you can find takers here for some of them.

              Sorry about the news for the accommodations.



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                If you can't get out of the Brass Passes and are still looking to sell, I have a friend looking to buy 1. Good luck, but here if you still need to sell. That goes to anyone else as well. I have a friend that has reached out looking for a BP. Reach out if interested in selling.
                Thanks in advance


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                  Hey everyone, thanks for all the help about the passes. WWOZ has agreed to refund the passes minus the portion that goes to the station as a donation. I don't know if they will make them available, but it might be worth contacting them.


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                    If you hear of anyone else who has 2 Brass Passes for sale for the 2nd weekend, please let me know.


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                      Hello are they still for sale? bob [email protected] thx


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                        One brass pass needed for both weekends please. Just text or call ! 9315800362