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Grand Marshall vs Big Chief

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  • Grand Marshall vs Big Chief

    WE are thinking of a big post-covid splurge this year. I have gone through the website and through the forums and it appears that people with Big Chief tickets can't get up close into the Grand Marshall area in front of the stages. Do I have this right? Or can Big Chief tickets go anywhere? Thanks for setting me straight!

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    You are correct


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      Big Chief = Creature comforts in the back
      Grand Marshal = Standing room access right up front.

      And they don't mix, unless you buy both.
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        FWIW, in my experience, at the Congo Stage (only), with a BC pass you can get into the GM area. (Basically, in order to get into the BC area at the Congo Stage, you go through the GM area and if you decide to stop there, no one is going to stop you).

        Actually, I think the best value of the BC pass (for me) is the general ability to get into the Blues and/or Jazz tents pretty much any time you want. When JazzFest ADD kicks in and I want to see three different artists who are all playing at the same time (don't hate me, hate the schedule!), I have always been able to get a seat mid-set for acts (like Herbie Hancock, George Benson, Los Lobos, Marsalis Family, etc.) that otherwise, you probably might need to be in the tent one or two performers early in order to get a decent seat (and this would apply to GM pass holders as well since AFAIK there is no area in the tents for them).


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          If you are interested in Grand marshall, I have two for sale as my wife and I cant make it this year. I paid $3300 for the pair but would take $2500 for both.