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    Hey y’all. I’m a longtime Forum reader and admirer. The first thing I do each morning is check out the Forum. Jordan! I’m the freak who accosted you in the Rhythmpourium and you gave me one of your color coded sheets. Thanks! I’m taking your advice and finally joining. Gards! I’m the guy who accosted you on the bus when I heard you discussing your recent nuptials. Nice Justin Bieber t-shirt! Swag! Thanks for being our omniscient leader! Thanks to everybody for being so damn cool and maximizing my Fest experience.

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    Welcome aboard! It's so nice when someone new checks in. If you are are a long time reader you've probably noticed and don't let those first time impressions fool you, most of those folks are in actuality jerks, I'm the only one that you can trust here upon this forum!


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      Thank you 20/20! I’m a jerk also, so I’m right at home.


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        Welcome Fuzz it was good to meet you on the bus.

        You were sitting next to Flying Kiwi, if my more addled than normal memory serves me correctly

        Anyone who admires the Beaver is a friend of mine


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          Thanks Gards.