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What was your experience getting an Uber or Lyft after the Fest?

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    We usually took the bus after Fest (so easy with hardly any wait), but on Friday we had to get to a show at NOLA Brewing. We walked to Broad St., and checked our apps. We knew there would be surge pricing. Lyft was the cheapest at $26. and it took him 15 minutes to get to us through the traffic. (We did not walk past the cab line when we exited--that might have been a better way to go)


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      Originally posted by Jim View Post
      I took taxis to and from the fest with no problems and no price surges. However, there were other times throughout the week where the service from United was hit or miss so I occasionally took Lyft.
      Our issue is that we are across the river in Algiers Point and some cab drivers refuse to go over there even though they are supposed to take you wherever you ask in the city. United has always done so.


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        Originally posted by Miss LauraJean View Post

        Glad your experience was easy peasy this year. Curious if the 10-15 wait times for a cab on the way home were after the Fest was over for the day (post-7pm) or did you leave early to beat the mass exodus (and hence longer wait times for a ride)?
        We tended to end our days in either the Jazz or Blues tent so getting out on the Mystery Street exit wasn't very far. Depnding on the act would dictate when we left but generally it would be about 10 minutes early (although for the Newport All Stars we did stay until the end. Even then the taxi wait wasn't that bad and it was definitely worth staying until the end of their set! )