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Nobody else excited for Bayou Boogaloo?

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    After 3 weeks in NO for FQ and Fesst I felt glad to be back home...but reading this thread has me missing New Orleans again!


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      Thought Boogaloo was great. Got the early weekend pass so for less than $50 got to see Dragon Smoke, Squirrel Nut Zipper, Ani Di Franco, Sonny Landreth, Red Baraat, and plenty others . Can’t get much better than that. Rain and threat of rain couldn’t have helped turnout. Hope the event comes back.


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        What a great weekend it was.

        Below is what I remember, and I know that there were some cool brass bands mixed in amongst it all on the little floating stage which was good fun.
        Big 6, Young Fellaz, Pinstripe and others.

        Friday I saw a bit of Boukou Grove. All of Dragon Smoke, who I loved. Half of the Squirrel Nut Zippers who were very entertaining as usual and finished off with a rollicking set by The Soul Rebels..

        Saturday I saw the Fortifiers early on. Then The New Soul Finders and Maid Marilyn was in fine voice. There was a mild weather interruption and the crowd thinned out a bit. Those of us who hung around enjoyed a cool and fun set by Los Skarnales, whom I had never seen before. Red Barrett were good and their instrumentation had improved heaps since I last saw them many moons ago. And we finished off with a fine set by Ani Di Franco, who had the crowd right with her and she came out with a lot of poignant and accurate statements about some current and ongoing situations.

        Sunday the threat of Pennies From Heaven kept people some people away, but the weather was perfect..

        Started off with the Spencer Bohren tribute by the Whippersnippers which was very well received and was a great way to began the day. Saw some of Curley Taylor who had them moving.
        Then for the first time in many a year we say Colin Lake who put on a fine show with a cool band including ex HISB keys players Brooksey.

        Papi Mali and Shanty Underground were playing for only the 3rd time and they were excellent with their variety of tunes and music including reggae and other West Indian sounds and moves. I then managed to see a fair bit of Michots Melody Makers where were good as usual and I enjoyed seeing Marc Bingham working away on the guitar.

        Finished off a wonderful weekend with Sonny Landreth who was in fine form as usual and he really seemed to be enjoying himself as he was very effusive.

        We all went off with smiles on our faces and wondered how people could complain about paying so little for so much entertainment.

        The crowd were cool, people were helping each other and were making an effort to recycle and put rubbish in the normal bins.

        I hope that this years event made some dough, and that it keeps on keeping on, and I will be purchasing early bird tickets as soon as they are available for next year.
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          Originally posted by belyin View Post
          For me, Boogaloo is yet another of example of "there's no failure like success." It started as a cool, low-budget neighborhood fest, and quite a few people who I consider part of my musical community played and/or attended. As it became more popular it outgrew its site it has tried to make if fit none-the-less. So now they have a much bigger budget, bigger infrastructure festival that requires "bigger name" acts in hopes to draw a paying crowd. We will see if it works, but it doesn't appeal to me. I think they should have stayed small, but it probably wasn't an option either given their logistical problems.
          As I understand, the City started charging them 10x the fee to rent the land, so they either had to cancel or start charging admission. It wasn't a matter of trying to get bigger name acts.


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            No one has mentioned her yet, but Maggie Koerner absolutely killed it on Sunday.
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              Originally posted by swag View Post
              No one has mentioned her yet, but Maggie Koerner absolutely killed it on Sunday.
              My Sunday was Maggie Koerner followed by Michot Melody Makers. It was a great afternoon.
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