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    Originally posted by 20/20 View Post
    Jerry made some Ripples.


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      I went to Cal with a girl named Janine Hicks. We had about five classes together and were both DHs so we kind of bonded in a platonic way. She was bemoaning the fact that she hadn't gotten Greek tickets for an upcoming run. We decided to hand Jerry a letter asking, pretty please, for some tickets to the show. He still played the Keystones and The Stone on Broadway in SF. She wrote out a card and put a joint of really bad weed in with it and we went to the show. Afterwards, we were walking out just as Jerry was getting into his limo and I walked up , gave him the envelope and said "Thanks for the show!". He was gracious, even though he hated that type of scene. We couldn't believe our "luck".

      She never got the tickets though. Haha! Can't depend on miracles.

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