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INSTRUMENTHEAD LIVE At the Virgin Hotel - Has Anyone Been To?

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  • INSTRUMENTHEAD LIVE At the Virgin Hotel - Has Anyone Been To?

    Just wondering what the setup is there. Which room, is it crowded, is there a bar etc....

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    Was there Wed & is worth about a half hour, but very cool if not out of your way. Essentially one room with about a dozen or so large pics/reveal & description. We did not stay till the music at 5(did Daze Between) & there is a bar downstairs. Very nice comfy hotel


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      I went there on first Saturday to see Helen Gillet. It was on the second floor above the bar. The concert was great, like having a private concert. There were probably only about 15 people seriously listening to the concert. But there are only a few places to sit. Also, expensively dressed people looking baffled by the music were frequently coming up the stairs and walking by.


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        Thanks! Too tired to make it down there anyway.


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          I went by the first night out of curiosity because I figured there would be an over-capacity crowd to see a free George Porter/Ivan Neville/Tony Hall set. Got right in; maybe 200 people? Low stage meant I couldn't see the band but sounded good (and loud). Stayed for some of Papa Mali, comfortable crowd at that point.

          Also: across the street from the hotel I saw Robert Plant talking to a table of people dining outside of Juan's Flying Burrito.