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    DIS big ol fella crawled outta Biyou St John & crashed da PAWTRY dis year.. no TICKET, no NAMETAG and NO LAGNIAPPES in hand, and drank up ALL da Boot and BeerACuda, and ONLY out of throw-away cups... da NERVE! Just fo dat we stuffed him inna box n locked his azz up at a U-Haul in Metry for 136 days, but dis saturday we gon yank him out n make him the possession of our newly MINTED Pooh Bah XI, mistah Treadhead Records his own self Chris Joseph. Come get in on dis bidness round 2pm at misBrenda's B-Mac's (Roundup mah Baybeeees) n help us to ERECT da GRANDE COASTER/ PLAQUE in style, plus got some sweet Marc Paradis & Mike Doussan bringin da dreamin from 3-5 as well.. MUAH luvs!!​​
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    Hee hee. Living 1K miles away is a drag sometimes. Video?


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      Originally posted by fesstgeek
      Hee hee. Living 1K miles away is a drag sometimes. Video?
      I dont think that there were any videos taken, but I did see a few photos getting taken.

      It was a good fun afternoon, and it was delightful to catch up with some old friends after a few months away.

      King Kenny was the MC for the presentation and admirably performed his duties.