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    Originally posted by thebluesdoctor View Post
    Jazzfest Moments

    I've been coming to Jazzfest now every year since 1989, and needless to say, there have been many Jazzfest moments. One that particularly stands out in my mind was at the Acura stage in 1999. Fats Domino and his big band were ending the day there, and he was running down his 25 or so big hits, one after another. It was a beautiful evening, about 6:45, there was a soft breeze, and the sun was beginning to set. Fats broke into "Blueberry Hill" and the crowd began to sing along in unison. Tears came to my eyes and I said to myself, "There is no place on earth I would rather be, than right here, right now!!"

    I posted this back in 2010, and today a video of this surfaced on Facebook. I thought some of you might enjoy it.


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      Thats what JF is all about (or should be....)


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        I’ll have to read this thread at some point. Recent great moments included running into Mark Browstein walking in 2018. I said what’s up and he reached over to shake my hand while this girl about got Stan the Lariet Hanson’d by the handshake. Also I was walking in back in the mid teens and happened to have the inaugural Cruise to the Edge shirt on from 2013 (UK, Yes, Carl Palmer’s ELP Legacy, Steve Hackett’s Genesis Revisited, etc.) and Cesar Rosas says hey how was that? I was 99% going but had to do some gigs. F yeah.